Things C64 coded by LDX#40 (page on CSDb).

An emulator such as VICE is needed to view this stuff. Or the files can be transferred to old 5 1/4" disks for use with an original C64...


HITEX (2020) [Download] .d64, Zip file, 6 KB

A minimalist text editor, created to learn more about hires manipulation, raster interrupts and disk operations.

HITEX Screenshot 1  HITEX Screenshot 2


PVG (2019) [Download] .d64 & manual as text file, Zip file, 18 KB

The PETSCII Video Generator (PVG) generates patterns based on the C64's native character set. The user can control the drawing algorithm, the set of characters used, the color scheme, and many other options during runtime. Alternatively, there is the randomize mode which hands control over to the machine.

Originally created as a tool to provide video for live shows. Makes also for an excellent screen saver, abstract digital aquarium or hallucination trigger.

PVG Screenshot 1  PVG Screenshot 2

PVG Screenshot 3  PVG Screenshot 4

There's a short promotional video. And a little ad:



Clock Four (2018) [Download] .d64, Zip file, 9 KB

C64 port of the QLOCKTWO®, a clock whose idea and design I very much admire. Some features have been added, such as individual color schemes or sound. Be sure to check out the instructions provided in the program (press F1 in the screen where you enter the time). And yet again there's a hidden feature...

Clock Four Screenshot 1  Clock Four Screenshot 2


$QUAND€R (2018) [Download] .d64, Zip file, 8 KB

Business software designed to visualize escalating meeting costs. Contains a few hidden festures, try and find them.

SQUANDER Screenshot 1  SQUANDER Screenshot 2

And here's the ad for it:



Infernal Cycle (2013) [Download] .d64, Zip file, 13 KB

A joystick-controlled synthesizer used for direct audience interaction during a live concert. First used at the Bended Realities Festival in 2013.
Additional input by Suspicion Breeds Confidence (SBC).

Infernal Cycle Screenshot 1  Infernal Cycle Screenshot 2


IKS+ (2006) [Download] .vsf, Zip file, 35 KB

A 'mod' of International Karate +, used for the audience's entertainment during a live concert.
The file is a memory snapshot that can only be used with version 2.1 of the VICE emulator.

IKS+ Screenshot 1


A.A.A. (2005) [Download] .d64, Zip file, 13 KB

Graphics demo lasting approximately 45 minutes, originally used as a background video for a live concert (therefore no sound).

A.A.A. Screenshot 1  A.A.A. Screenshot 2

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