Out now: the DVD with the live recording of my audiovisual collaboration project L'MERGE 40 (with EMERGE). Recorded at Xerox Exotique #013 on May 26th 2017.


Yet another live date coming up: on August 25th as part of the gamescom retro floor. Stay tuned for details.


Cauldron Trees And another video sees the light of the world: Gymnastiorka for my good friend kybernaughty.
You can see him live in Frankfurt in October at Xerox Exotique #018.


Silent Service The live recording from the Silent Series concert in Augsburg this year is out now on Bandcamp. Heartfelt thanks go out to Sascha Stadlmeier/ Attenuation Circuit for this release.


My documentation expeRheiniMainental will be shown at the Waggon in Offenbach as part of the Liberation Movies series.


Scary Monsters Frankenstein Yet another video, this time for the track 'Chiptune Bourne' by the lovely Hans Hiscore.


Upcoming live dates:


Street RodLet's break spring with some automobile madness and a lovely track by Philipp Münch: the video for drivers without control.


Keep it coming: another short video, this time with a personal note.


It's been a while, so I made a new track called 'themEX'. Check it out in the audio section.


Light PlanetOut now: a CD EP called 'Struggling', with the live recording of my set in Augsburg last year. Biggest thanks to Sascha Stadlmeier/ Attenuation Circuit for creating this piece of documentation.
If you want one, get in touch.

08.01.2017   The new year kicks off with my documentation expeRheiniMainental (or short: exRM). It will premiere on January 15th (16:00) at the INM as a part of the Xerox Exotique series and be available as DVD at the same time.
Heartfelt thanks go out to all collaborators and especially QTCT and Tobias Schmitt.
11.12.2016   The video madness continues. Here's a video clip for Acrylwaffen's latest release. Made in a manic fit in less than 24 hours after I got the assignment. Features footage shot in Frankfurt (mainly Bahnhofsviertel) in 2001.
You can download the track here.

Video MeaniesFinally started assembling my video documentation about experimental music in the Rhine-Main area. See the teaser. The full documentation should be finished by the end of 2016 and premiere early in 2017.

Upcoming live dates:

As part of the first event of the new series Xerox Exotique: live video action together with QTCT as Image Accumulator, supporting Autumn Appreciation Society. Also on the bill: Vacuum from France. All these wonderful things happen at the Waggon in Offenbach. Here is the facebook event.

More live video for Suspicion Breeds Confidence as part of the Skop series under the name 'Der Mann mit den magischen Kisten'. Takes place on December 13th, 20:00 at Saalbau Gallus (Großer Saal), Frankenallee 111, 60326 Frankfurt.

02.08.2016   More live dates coming up!
27.07.2016   Ct On The Tiles For a change, an addition to the symbols section. A lovely collection of stickers designed in collaboration with my most favourite person QTCT. Enjoy them and use them in the hope of making the world a nicer place. Here's what the physical set looks like.
08.05.2016   Light & DarkNew track.
With a new video.
Called: SQ'D.
04.02.2016   The not-so-new-anymore year starts out with another video for Suspicion Breeds Confidence. Check it out here.
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